The Museum of the Qingxit displays selected Qingxit and works that show, embody, or relate to Qingxit.


What is a Qingxit?

A Qingxit is a digital marker that marks a real location and what is of interest at that location. It’s not about who (or you), but that neat, cool thing at that place. Each Qingxit contains a GPS coordinate for the location and a short description (140 characters or less) of the “thing” of interest.

Where do Qingxit come from?

A Qingxit is digitally laid down by a QScout. When a QScout in the field sees something of interest then he or she uses QScout Tools to mark the location. To learn more about QScouts and Qingxit check out www.thirdringexit.com or download the QScout Tools for Android from the Play Store.

Especially interesting Qingxit or art inspired by Qingxit, winds up here at the Museum of the Qingxit.


Enjoy your tour.


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