QScouts and their Qingxit…

This is the blue one, clean and distinct.

This is the blue one, clean and distinct.

Some QScouts write their Qingxit in rhyme…
35.89862, -106.32107
The trail begins where this chain link fence is bent low. Split left or right just below.

While other QScouts just want to get to the point…
32.78099, -79.92744
Ignore everything else and get the ribeye!

Some QScouts use Qingxit to tell a story…
34.402008, -103.16742
The nomad pulls his spear from his kill.

While other QScouts use Qingxit to issue a warning…
41.94344 -87.649315
That mannequin up there is packing some heat.

Some QScouts use Qingxit to mark the unusual…
32.784252, -79.93248
This lock smith got rid of all his old locks and keys by embedding them into the sidewalk.

While other QScouts use Qingxit to mark the common…
36.11068, -115.15182
Another tropical swimming pool with fake waterfall in Vegas. Ho hum.

QScouts know all the best drinking places…

42.49723, -83.14487
Have a drink, cause this is the Inn Place.

42.487747, -83.14243
Drinking in the beer garden is highly desirable.

53.957607, -1.081624
Mmmm, whisky.

42.5277, -83.04689
Lots of beers with distinct personalities.

53.962436, -1.084367
La Cremeria, the only place I’ve seen gin and tonic sorbet.

And the best eating places…

42.643654, -86.200226
Holly buisness Kentucky Bar-B-Q!!!! try a half litter of brisket pigglets.

29.72659, -95.42762

42.45963, -83.13343
Hey stupid, why are you next door at the Emory tonight on a Monday when it’s half price food here at the WAB.

42.581066, -83.60926
Americus Coney, come for lunch stay for the tight black pants.

37.25637, -107.07708
Nello’s Bistro. Good food and often live music on weekends.

Or, even both eating and drinking…

47.609154, -122.34321
The Pike. sweet beer, good good. Get the Monk’s Uncle.

53.961142, -1.08299
Evil Eye. Wickedly good cocktails here, plus rocking music. Also, one of the only places in York to do good Thai.

35.206482, -101.837204
Crush Wine Bar and Deli. Very good food and wine. Very good beer selection too.

QScouts mark the strange…
32.78101, -79.93014
TBonz calls itself a Gill and Grill. Check out the strange cow paintings on the wall.

And the awesome…
35.442368, -105.61419
The snow capped mountains are awesome.

And the unique…
34.988903, -105.22059
Unique hwy overpass. This art design has water and roadrunners.

And the awesome and unique…
30.358536, -103.661708
Reata Restaurant. This is the original Reata. Awesome and unique Texas cuisine.

And the lame…
34.188904, -103.32058
Possibly one of the lamest pizza huts ever!

And the cool…
29.966911, -98.907234
Comfort Meet Market Tavern is a social gathering spot. A cool old Beatles poster adorns the door.

And the lame and cool…
34.178207 LONG -103.34292
Portales, although a lame town, has some pretty cool looking alleyways.

And places that make you say Mmmmm…

35.10383 LONG -106.56695
Nestle Toll House Cafe. Mmmmmm, cookies.

28.36711 LONG -81.55585
MMMmmmmmm, fishies!!!!

34.182423 LONG -103.33727
Papa Murphy’s here is the shiz niz! They make all their pizzas to spec! (and when they do…mmmmm…)

35.17145 LONG -103.706314
Circa Espresso Bar. Mmmmm, strong coffee.

37.269833 LONG -107.88185
Rocky Mountain Chocolate first began here. Mmmmmmm, chocolate!

I know…wouldn’t it be cool if we had photos from all of the above?

And what about the historic places, museum places, art places, retail places, transportation places and roadside attraction places, and on and on! So, what are you waiting for? You should be laying down Qingxit like those above.

The QScout account is free! Ask for an Invite. Use of the web tools for laying down Qingxit is free! Learn more at the FAQ. The Android app QScout Tools is free!

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