What will you leave behind?

A Qingxit…
marks the time and place of something unique, interesting, or worth telling others about. It is a tiny message with GPS coordinates. It is a tiny virtual record for the history books.

Everything changes…
Seattle’s wall of gum is soon to be cleaned away. But, a Qingxit and exhibit in this museum is left behind.

47.608395 -122.340416
wall of gum!!!!

Attribution: Qingxit and photo by QScout E-sQuad

While it’s true that a Qingxit doesn’t last forever either, it ages pretty slowly. Much more slowly then that wall of gum. It’s kind of like those initials you carved in that old Oak tree or fence post. As time goes by those initials and that Qingxit will diminish and one day disappear.

Where is this?

The Seattle wall of gum.

The Seattle wall of gum.

Are you ready to leave more than a piece of gum behind?
Why not lay down a Qingxit? If you have an Android phone then get the app. Laying down a Qingxit is as easy as creating a text message.

Be a part of the QScouts and contribute to the Museum. The QScout account is free! Ask for an Invite. Use of the web tools for laying down Qingxit is free! Learn more at the FAQ. The Android app QScout Tools is free!

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