An old school way…

The front cover of our Qingxit Backpocket Field Notebook.

In an age of bits and pixels and digital this and that sometimes it’s nice to pause and go back to doing things an old school way. For the not-so-modern QScout (or just some QScouts looking for some old school fun) we introduce the QScout Qingxit Backpocket Field Notebook.








Yes, it’s real paper!

It’s made of real paper and requires the use of a pen and/or pencil. It’s the perfect means for recording more than what’s at that location. With this field notebook you now have the means to make notes, observations, maps, stories, and even pictures.






Here’s an example of what can be recorded in the notebook.

We released some of these old school journals into the wild with some QScouts and QScout fans. In the posts ahead we will offer some peeks into what they have been recording and filling their notebooks with.







It’s a Backpocket Field Notebook because it fits in your back pocket!

Just the right size for the back pocket of your jeans.

Stay tuned for some fun from the field!

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